About Peter Zubiate
Peter Zubiate imbues his works with qualities uncharacteristic of most functional furniture.  Combining exquisite craftsmanship and a sense of the absurd, Zubiate distinguishes himself from the mainstream of furniture makers.  His imaginative wood furniture appears to be designed for convenience, but paradoxically, the peculiar placement of wheels, seats and handles dictate the way in which they can be used.  He says that they "challenge behavior and thoughts" by forcing people into the pleasure of discovery.  The stylish works are assemblages of stationary planes and surprise elements that resemble well-worn tools.  Zubiate fabricates his works from various woods, using both hand tools and machinery, processes that reflect traditional and Modernist properties.

Artist Bio

Born:  1970, El Paso, TX
Resides:  San Antonio, TX

Education: Zubiate Furniture Restoration, Midland, TX, Apprentice
Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Aspen, CO, Artist-in-Residence (1993-1994)

Selected Exhibitions:

Solo show Southwest School of Arts and Crafts, San Antonio, TX (2004)

American Craft Council Exposition (2003)

RC Gallery, San Antonio, TX (2003)

John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI (2001)

Blue Star Contemporary Arts Center, San Antonio, TX (2000)

Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX (1999)

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